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I’m Sonny 

Senior DJ

DJ Sonny Dayz

Hometown: Dallas, TX



Time as a Wedding DJ: 3 Years

I love Creating the Vibe! I strive to make people feel comfortable that everything is going to run the way they dreamed of. This is my passion and it’s so rewarding!

Favorite Music Genre: Hip Hop & Early 2000's

I’m a fan of indie and solo artists. Drake & Rhianna are a must on my playlist!! Really anything that will get grandma dancing is my go-to. 

I’m Funky, Unique, Energetic

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

Energy, Charisma, and Professionalism are all mixed together in perfect harmony.

Dancers will be stuck to the floor, whether it’s from some upbeat fun or some slow dancing you might not have time to catch your breath. I will make the party. 

If you want to remember your wedding music for the rest of your life, I am your guy!

I'm very versatile musically!

Professional party maker and dancer

Everyone tells me I'm charming but really I'm just a social butterfly

My go to wedding song: Gold Digger by Kanye (clean version)

Favorite Hobby

Hanging with friends, attending concerts, listening to new music. 

Fun Fact

I love art! I’m an artist along being a DJ.

Family Facts

I have 3 amazing half sisters

Why I Decided to be a DJ

I realized this is my true calling. I love it and love the feedback from a crowd.