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Dooby Bus

Our Ooby Dooby Bus fleet is perfect if you want a unique photo booth at your wedding, a gorgeous photo shoot, or a Pinterest-worthy getaway car. Keep reading to meet each of our VW buses and learn how they can make your wedding day more magical.

Meet the Fleet

Franky Photo Booth3
Meet Franky – Our Camper VW Bus

Hi! I’m Franky, the big sister –  a 1970 VW Westfalia camper van. I love to embrace my inner flower child; as a matter of fact, step in and see my flower ceiling and boxwood walls. I am so excited to be a part of the celebration you’ll never forget!

sammy lily in june2 scaled
Meet Sammy – Our Micro VW Bus

Hi! I’m Sammy; I’m petite but a cutie. I have a bit of a rocker side and love letting my red shine, but I also have a pearly white boho side. I can’t wait to be in your pictures and to create memories with you! Between beach and desert vibes, I can’t wait to see yall loving.

Meet Abby – Our VW Beetle Limo

Hi! I’m Abby; you’ve never seen a beetle limo before, RIGHT? I’m a 1968 VW beetle stretch limo. I make for the funkiest & coolest getaway car ever, OR I’m a full photo booth on the inside for your guests to enjoy.

Meet Ravey- Our Love Bus

Hi! I’m Ravey; I’m all about love and unforgettable memories, a 1978 VW Vanagon van. I want to make your day filled with love and joy and bring a smile to all of your family and friends faces!

Valery Front
Meet Valery- Our Hotrod VW Beetle

Hi! I’m Valery, I’m fast and fun, a 1967 VW Beetle HOTROD. I have fantastic fold-back doors and a great rocker vibe. I can make your day smiles and sunshine!

Sandy at trade show
Meet Sandy- Our Desert Micro Bus

Hi! I’m Sandy, a native of Arizona, I’ve got vibes for rocks, mountains, cacti, and sand. I’m too hot but I always bring a smile to your face. I’m small in size but big in fun. Jump in and take a pic with me.