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I’m Tom Nguyen

Senior DJ

DJ OhGeezSkywalker

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Time as a Wedding DJ: 5 Years

Magical! Is the one word I would use to describe the celebration of love on your wedding day. Knowing this one of the most special and memorable moments for a couple makes me honored to be involved and provide the soundtrack to this magical celebration!


Favorite Music Genre: EDM

About half of the music I listen to personally has no words, I love the sounds of music even more than the words. I love the “heartbeat” of a song.

Your Day of Musical Friend

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

I’m the nice guy, I am a pleaser. I focus like a laser beam on your vibe and my mind is completely committed to developing that perfect soundtrack for you and your guests.

Motion is emotion, you’ll always see me jumping around behind the booth. I love to make the music set the mood, I know when to play hype songs and when to slow it down, I like the music to tell your story

My goal is to make this day all about you and provide the soundtrack to the magical celebrations that is your wedding day.  


From EDM to clasical to rock and everything in between music runs through my veins

I am talented at reading a crowd and providing music to match the vibe

Everyone tells me "you go above and beyond" I have a hard time saying no

My go to wedding song: Crazy in Love by Jay-Z & Beyonce

Favorite Hobby

Playing Video Games:
Especially Apex Legends

Fun Fact

I love to sketch and doodle. There’s something magical in the way my mind can create on a canvas without a planned thought. 

Family Facts

My parents immigrated from Vietnam. I am the youngest with 2 older sisters.

Why I Decided to be a DJ

I’ve always had a love for music and seeing how much one small beat can transform a crowd. Made me want to be the magician controlling the magic of music.