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I’m Eric Williams

Senior DJ

DJ Nvader

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Time as a Wedding DJ: 6 Years

Vibe and Energy, I want to create an unforgettable day, that’s what motivates me each and every wedding.

Favorite Music Genre: Smooth Jazz

From 90’s west coast hip hop to popular artists like Pharrell and  Janet Jackson all the way over to Duke Ellington and KATRANADA

The Sophisticated Extrovert

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

We’re all gonna dance! When it’s that time of the night I’ll bring the energy, you bring your dancing shoes.

Fashion is key, I want to make sure I look like i’m showing up to the biggest celebration of your liufe, my setup is perfect for pictures and video. You’re going to remember me as fitting in well with you and the guests.

MICROPHONE, oh how I love thee! We will be there celebrating but I also know how to get everyones attention so no ones missed any of the best moments of your celebration!


Timeline is key, I help keep your guests on pace to know where to go and when.

The microphone is my best friend. My voice is my biggest tool.

My go to wedding song: 24k Magic by Bruno Mars

Everyone says "I'm Lit!" we're gonna make this party happen!

Favorite Hobby

I love to roller skate. I go to the rink as much as I can. I take my DJ mixes with me and dance while I skate

Fun Fact

I’m an actor, 2 national commercials. Target and KidzBop 10. YouTube Me :)

Family Facts

Originally from Los Angeles,I have one older sister, she’s my bff for sure!

Why I Decided to be a DJ

I wanted to see how songs could blend together, I love seeing how songs that might not seem the same become one. Mixing!