877.EPIC.DAY [email protected]

I’m Erik Collins

Senior DJ

DJ Mr E.

Hometown: MARS… Just kidding. Houston, TX


I Speak Spanish

Time as a Wedding DJ: 9 Years

My life events all lead me here, I’m always at weddings and being in people’s weddings… It was time, I’m a DJ already let’s be a wedding DJ!

Favorite Music Genre: Old School Rock and Roll

My playlist is FUNKY, a mix of upbeat and soulful. From James Brown to some Modern day Reggaeton. If it makes your body want to move I want to hear it!

I’m Funky, Unique & Mystique  

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

I’m an active role player in your celebration, I can make sure the guests know what’s next, I help make sure the photo and video team are on the same page as well. I help coordinate

Dancers will be stuck to the floor, whether it’s from some upbeat fun or some slow dancing you might not have time to catch your breath. I love all types of latin music and dance Cumbia, Banda, Bachata, Punta and Salsa. 

 Get me on the microphone, I will catch everyones attention and bring an energy with my movie show voice. I can’t wait to be part of your celebration

I Speak English and Spanish

Talented mixologist; beat matching and mixing is my passion

I've been told I have the voice of a game show host

My go to wedding song: Groove Me by King Floyd

Favorite Hobby

Boxing, it creates that discipline I crave. Everything you pickup boxing you pickup in other realms too. Love that!

Fun Fact

I play guitar, I’m pretty darn good too. I use it to diffuse after a long day

Family Facts

I from a family of 4 kids, I’m the youngest but by far the funniest too!

Why I Decided to be a DJ

It’s actually always been my dream, nothing more nothing less. I’m a dreamer and this was my dream come true!