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The final image sends a message of cohesiveness. People coming together and creating one image from many. The “all in this together” message will create positive connections to your brand that will continue to spread after the event concludes.


The Photo Mosaic Wall creates digital & physical mosaics from live event photos in real-time. The photos can be automatically fetched from Instagram, Twitter, on-site photo booths, an on-site photographer’s camera, and more. The photo mosaic wall makes everyone part of the event From up-close, you see individual photos – further back, the mosaic is revealed with a photo of your choice 

In a ‘physical setup’: The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board. In a ‘digital setup’: The mosaic generation process is either projected (using a projector) or displayed on a large-screen TV.

The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect. The end result: A beautiful mosaic of photos from the event which can be sent digitally, created at an event or can be ordered on Canvas.


  1. TAKE PICTURE: Guests snap a picture, from an adjoining photobooth, at our photo station or from fully branded hashtag campaign.
  2. PICTURE PRINTS AUTOMATICALLY: that initiates a 2in by 2in photo to be printed at our print station.
  3. STICK IT ON THE WALL: Each print has coordinates that correspond to an exact location on the wall and guests use this to place their print.
  4. TADA: As more guests place their pictures on the wall, the picture becomes clearer until it is finally whole.
  5. FINAL PRODUCT: at the end of the event the wall will be complete, you will keep the physical and be given a digital high resolution copy.

Photo Input Options

  1. ROAMING PHOTOGRAPHER – Our professionals can setup a photo station where guest come to us or we can roam around the event and take pictures of the action
  2. PHOTO BOOTH – Choose from the booth of your choice, guest get a picture to keep and one for the mosaic
  3. CUSTOM HASHTAGS – Instagram or Twitter, Completely customized for your brand
  4. PHOTOS YOU HAVE – As well as the photos we collect from the above options you can also supply you own photos for the wall
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