877.EPIC.DAY [email protected]

I’m Jose Hernandez

Pro DJ

DJ Mono

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

I Speak Spanish


Time as a Wedding DJ: 9 Years

Becoming a wedding DJ was an accident, I love to use my talents of speaking and love of music to bring joy to the biggest celebration of someones life 

Favorite Music Genre: 80's Pop

My personal playlist goes from Kool and the Gang to Whispers, over to Aretha Franklin and Bill Withers. Prince is one of my favs too!

Over the Top Versatility 

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

Crowd Response! I love to see the smiles on yours and you guests faces. 

My personal presentation is important to me, I look good my setup looks great and my confidence shines through. I’m ready to give you a show!

As a wedding DJ I prepare for all of the unknowns, I am very technical and I’m very prepared for anything to happen anytime. I have practiced your celebration over and over and I know I’ll ace it for you! 

I have an old soul, I can play all over the years and genres. Let's mix it up

The microphone is my best friend. My voice is my biggest tool.

Everyone tells me I'm easy to talk to. Come chat!

My go to wedding song: Tennesee Whiskey By Chris Stapleton

Favorite Hobby

Graphic Design, I make logos and audio art but my real love is making cartoons

Fun Fact

I had brain surgery , it was when I was born.. guess my brain was way too big for my head!

Family Facts

I have perfect pitch, I can tell the key of any note just by hearing it

Why I Decided to be a DJ

I like being seen! I wanted to be heard but not just through voice but also through music