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I’m James Denham

DJ Extraordinaire 

DJ MagicMan

Hometown: Houston, TX


Time as a Wedding DJ: 6 Years

After being a magician at so many weddings I watched as the DJ got to make the couples day so happy, I got to do that but only for a limited time, I wanted to be able to do both.

Favorite Music Genre: Hair Metal Rock

My playlist is wild, metal, country and then I throw in some disney songs. After all of that a bit of hip hop and r&b, then back to 80’s and 90’s rock. It’s gonna be all over the place.

I’ll make your day magical!

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

I make sure that I am fully prepared for the day you’ve been dreaming of all your life, I make sure that I am part of the coordination process, and I take that job seriously.

Once we’ve started dance time I’ll dance with yall, I love to be a part of that fun. I love interacting with everyone, you might even see a bit of the magician in me come out throughout the night

I am very conscious of  my look and the look of my set up, I take time to make sure that when you see me in the background of your pictures that myself and my setup looks professional and fun. 


My personal music choices are rock and country but I love to play hip hop and top 40 too.

I use my magic to connect with people but I just love to chat with y'all as well.

I'm pretty hard to not like, I have a very humble nature

My go to wedding song: Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs

Favorite Hobby

DUH!! Magic is my thing but I am also kinda obsessed with Tik Tok, comic-cons and Star Wars. I love disney, shhhh don’t tell

Fun Fact

I’ve flow an airplane, in ROTC honors camp, I thought I was going to crash it BUT I didn’t!

Family Facts

I have an amazing son, he’s 9 years old and he’s my best friend! My sister and I we’re a “gentleman’s pair” I the older brother.

Why I Decided to be a DJ

It all started because I wanted to improve my magic shows with better sound. Once I learned the technical side of it I fell in love, that was the beginning of it all!