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Visual Learners, that’s 65% of us, We Have the Solution


Transform the room, this essential first step creates ambiance for any space.

Audio / Visual

Share your thoughts with your guests through images and video.

Stage Lighting

Illuminate your stage or spotlight a speaker. Achieve your showcasing effects.

Custom Monogram

Your logo or image projected elegantly on the dance floor, walls or ceiling.

Intelligent Lighting

Moving Heads & Laser Lighting add dynamic effects to your event by creating a party atmosphere.

The Ultimate Before and After

We are “Mood Masters”, perfectly control the mood and give your event the vibe you want.

We use uplighting and intelligent lighting to create a more dramatic and sophisticated look to any event space. Increase the visibility and look of your dance floor for your photographers.

We use LED light fixtures to brighten a space or define the mood you’re looking for. Intelligent lighting reacts to specific cues, shows patterns on the dance floor, or softens or brightens during speeches and dances. From a dramatic feel to a soft, fairytale look, to a playful and colorful dance floor, we’ve got you covered. Our lighting specialists will work intimately with you to determine the look, feel, and mood you’re trying to achieve on the day of the event.

When choosing a package, budgetary requirements are always a top priority. We have something for everyone, ask away.


Technology for functional spaces and engaging events

Visuals for your guests to follow along with. Your Vision for the guests to see!

We understand that your speakers, presenters, performers, actors, musicians, and entertainers all need to be seen by your audience! We have options for you ranging from mounted LED & LCD screens to projectors and screen for any size room and any size audience.

We can provide you with technical support, high quality production equipment, and a reason to let go of all your audio visual worries!  Let us know the time, date, location, room size, budget, and we can figure out the rest!


# of Lumens in our Warehouse


# of pixels on each display for you

Our Process

Consultation to determine needs

Our design manager, a great listener, will discuss with you to learn about what you’re trying to achieve and put forth ideas and concepts to help you achieve your vision. Depending on the situation we may, attend site visits, or provide demonstrations of potential solutions.

Design Your Vision

We use AV, lighting, and staging elements to engineer a solution that is cost-effective, functional, and meets all of your needs. Our Designers pride themselves on their creative thinking and their ability to provide you with unique concepts for your event.

Make it Happen

Once you provide the green light for your event, we really get to work. We setup & test everything at our workshop before anything enters your event. Your design manager will be your primary point of contact will make contact with you. We meticulously review your event to ensure that we are absolutely prepared and rehearsed.

Event Day

We’re here to take the pressure off of you and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Your design manager will run the show and be your go-to for anything AV related. We understand that the event process is extremely dynamic and we work hard to accommodate any last minute changes as smoothly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lighting do I need at my event?

Several factors go into that, uplighting creates ambiance and transform any room to elegant banquet space, while intelligent lighting creates a party atmosphere for dancing.

My room is bright, will guests be able to see the projectors?

Yes! We use very high lumen projectors that are made for standard room lighting, of course the darker the room is the brighter the image will be, we also can provide you with mounted lcd & led screens for perfect image in any light.

How many uplights will I need?

The kind of uplighting services you need depends upon several factors including the effect you are trying to achieve, the size of the room, and the architecture of the room. There is no specific number, and you can never have too few or too many lights. We will consult with you to determine approximately what you will need, and will know for sure after we see the event space.

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