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I’m Jonathan Gonazales

Senior DJ

DJ Jon

Hometown: Houston, TX


Time as a Wedding DJ: 7 Years

I love the atmosphere, I know this is corny but “love is in the air” it so prevalent and that is so amazing! It’s hard to not be in a good mood on a day like this!!

Favorite Music Genre: all the obscure stuff

Upbeat pop and hip hop are my good mood go to for my personal road trip play list. I love a good beat so we will throw some house music and edm in to keep the mood up too!

Infectious Energy

What it would be like if you choose me to be your DJ

Energy, movement, professionalism and vibe. That’s what I do. I love this job so I’m going to have a good time… I’ll make sure you do too!

It’s hard not to have fun when I am there. I’m known to have a great presence and fun aura around me, I hope to make that so infectious that you’ll be impressed with me from start to finish

I’m the type of person that can take any situation and make it fun. I’ll “jam out with you” to any kind of music! Let celebrate together!

I love all music that moves people, al genres!

My voice is my biggest tool, I love announcements!

Everyone tells me "I'm a great dancer"

My go to wedding song: Not for Long by B.O.B and Trey Songz

Favorite Hobby

Baseball, playing and watching. I love the ball parks!

Fun Fact

I love chicken parm, like really really love it. and I cook it well too!

Family Facts

I have an amazing son, he’s my best friend. He’s 5 and def, a mini-me!

Why I Decided to be a DJ

Duh, read above lol. I love music and movement!