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Like You Mean It!

What’s Included

Energy, Fun, Organization! Our team of Wedding dedicated DJ / MCs are experts at keeping a timeline for all the elegant and memorable events and then bringing the party for your dance time!

As Alex always says, a nightclub DJ and a wedding DJ aren’t like apples and oranges, they are like apples and hondas, completely different! We know that keeping your celebration on track and making the right announcements at the right time is key but we also know when it’s time to start the party. Our DJs learn in the night clubs how to make a party happen and then polish up to become wedding experts and make the biggest celebration of your life the most epic of all time!


Sound, music and microphones at ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all included!


We know how important your announcements and


(click here) You choose your music and your vibes. We provide you with a full timeline planning and music selection app and our dedicated planning team helps you all along the way!


It’s Your Day!

Based on your music and vibe selection we consult with you to recommend the DJ you want and then send you videos, photos and bios of some choices. 


No tables needed! No wires showing! Our DJs bring a real DJ booth to make sure we look great in all the pictures and videos.


When it’s party time we’re ready to get it started, this dance floor lighting is included! We also have upgrade options too (click here)


A lapel mic for the officiant, a wireless for speeches or 2 or 3! Whatever you want!


We have DJs on our team from all over! Our team speaks 6 different languages!


We have special effects  lighting

Our Process


Choose Your Music

In our timeline planning and music seleciton app you’ll choose which songs you’d like and where you want them. From walking down the aisle all the way to your secret last dance you can choose as much or as little music as you’d like.


Tell us about your Vibe

Our planning team will consult with you to learn about the vibe you want your DJ to create. How much microphone interaction do you want? How much dancing and party hyping? How much crowd involvement, requests or none?


Check out our DJ recommendations

We will send you videos, photos and bios of DJs that like the same music you selected and that fit the vibe you want for your celebration. You can then choose your DJ, talk to them, zoom or even meet them.

DJ Unlimited + DigiBooth Photo Booth

Unlimited Time DJ + Awesome but Simple Photo Booth
  • Professional Nightclub DJ
  • DigiBooth Stand Alone Photo Booth
  • Professional 3000 Watt Speaker Setup
  • Professional Microphone System
  • Nightclub DJ Turntable
  • Professional Dance Floor Lighting
  • Music Planning App
  • Timeline Management Tools
  • Unlimited DJ Hours
  • Lapel Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone for Toasts & Announcements
  • Pre-Ceremony Background Music
  • Cocktail Hour Background Music
  • Dinner Hour Background Music
  • Master of Ceremony Services by Your Amazing DJ
  • DJ will Setup 1-2 Hours Prior to Event Start Time
  • Vast Selection of Music Genres to Choose From


It’s your day, it’ll go your way!

Your not a professional bride or groom, we know there are many questions. We do things very differently than others so let us tell you a bit about how we’ve remained a 5 star company all these years!


Will we get to choose our music?

YES! Above you’ll see a video about our timeline planning and music selection app. You’ll choose the songs for all of the events and as many or few of the open dance songs you’d like. Once your done choosing we will fill in the blanks by understanding your vibe and using our years of wedding DJ experience. 

Can we pick who our DJ will be?

Yep! We ask that you do all of your timeline planning and music selection then chat with us about your vibe and how you dream your celebration to go. We then send you videos, bios and photos of DJs that fit your vibe, you choose who you’d like.

Can y'all play music for the cocktail hour too?

Heck yea! We cover ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Our time is unlimited to you, we come as early as you’d please and stay as long as you’d like. 

Do y'all have backups?

We always retain one DJ per weekend in each location as a backup in the event of an emergency. Also, all DJs have a backup system with them should something fail.

Does the DJ take requests?

Our DJs only take requests if you allow it on your wedding planning app. If allowed, our DJs “filter” requests, meaning they will not play a song that you specifically asked them not to play or music from a genre you asked them not to play.