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Celebrate Like You Mean It! Wedding Entertainment Creating & Capturing

We offer: Photography 📷️ DJs 🎧️ Videography 🎬️ Photo Booth 👰 Lighting and Special Effects💥

WE CREATE & CAPTURE MEMORIES of YOUR BIGGEST CELEBRATION! We do this by focusing on how to make memories happen that will live forever with you and are able to be captured by photo and video, a grander than grand entry, first dances you’ll never forget, dancing guests and gorgeous exits.

We use a TEAM to PRODUCE your wedding as if it was a romantic party film, Our DJs orchastrate the memories and create moments to make sure that the most important events of your wedding are announced and executed perfectly, then we ensure that those moments are captured by our Photographer and Videographer team. When everyone is working together everyone knows where to be and when so that nothing is missed.

Why We’re Different:

💸Upfront Pricing & No Fees EVER!,⏱️ Unlimited Time,♾️ Tons of Options,💵 All Inclusive,⌚ Complete Timeline Planning Inlcuded,💨 Fast Turn Around, 🎼 Best Sound Equipment , 📷️ Awesome Photo Booths! 🆓 FREE ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION

1. FREE TIMELINE PLANNING: For all of our services we do a full timeline, we make sure all events in your perfect day are completely planned. One of the most important wedding planning tasks you’ll need to handle is coming up with your day-of timeline. It may not be as fun as picking out the flowers or your dinner menu, but it’s even more important in ensuring your day goes smoothly. We will help provide you, your DJ, ambiance director and other vendors with vital details on what happens and when. We will discuss food service, toasts/speeches, and dancing time.

2. Completely Upfront, Straight Up Pricing: We don’t charge any fees for travel, setup or takedown, or anything else. All serivces offer UNLIMITED TIME so no over time fees either!

3. We are like the “pintrest” of wedding entertainment, Falling Rose Petals First Dance, Dancing on the Clouds w/ clouds that match your colors, Indoor Cold Fireworks… We have tons of ideas

4. The Best Photo Booths & The Most Options, we have 12 photo booths to choose from.

5. Super Fast Turn Around: We guarantee 10 photos edited and delivered within 24 hours & a one minute teaser video edited and sent to you within 7 days! We get you your photos and videos fast, show em off!

WHAT WE DO!, Wedding Entertainment Creating and Capturing Moments

About our DJs:

Our DJs proved themselves in the nightclub for over a year before they suited up we’re invitied to join our Weddings team! This means you get a DJ that does this for a living full time and know thier equipment front and back so no issues and instead are able to focus on creating fun for your ultimate celebration! You’ll have 57 overly trained DJs to choose from! They know how to party and get you and your guests grooving on the dance floor! We offer multiple party enhancements to help you highlight the most special moments on your most special day!

About our Photo & Videographers:

PREPERATION, PLANNING AND SKILL. Our photo & video team is the most highly prepared team around, since we use a planning timeline our team makes sure we capture every shot you want immortalized for your perfect day! We start by getting a detailed list of every picture you want, then make suggestions on other shots, we then fully plan and organize times and places. We’ve been taking picture and videos of weddings for over 7 years using top of the line HD cameras, stabilizing gimbels, 4k video recording, audio capture and 4k aerial drones. We then deliver your photos and videos fast.

Proud to serve Houston, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and all of the surrounding areas.

After over 10 years we have so many awesome referrals to send your way, if you need flowers or planning, venues, Wedding Logo or anything else we’re here to help!

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