The Logo of Weddings Unlimited has 4 key elements. The Heart, The Infinity Symbol, The Diamonds, The Lettering. Each of these elements represent a core value with regards to the level of service we provide and and the clientele we cater to.

The heart, being the first thing you notice, represents Love; the love we have for being in the wedding DJ business and our relationship with our clients. We must truly love each one of the clients as though they were our own family who trusted us with their wedding.

The Infinity Symbol represents our ability to do/provide any level of service the client requests. We do everything wedding related, be it a special event add-on that we currently don’t offer, or vendor based service outside of our usual scope. The Answer is always yes! We do everything and can provide anything you request.

The Diamonds represent luxury, affluence, and status. Diamonds are desired by almost everyone yet only attained by those who can afford them. Diamonds are only reduced in price if they are flawed or deemed unworthy of their intended value. Our brand and our pricing needs to reflect the same status symbol as the diamond.

Finally the wording. As we all agree, there is nothing in the name “Weddings Unlimited” or the logo for that matter, that suggests “DJ Service” or lighting, photo booth, or any service that we currently offer. So, since changing the name is completely out of the question at this point, what does come to mind? Everything wedding related. Realistically, its beyond our scope to provide everything wedding related at this time or in 2020. We can, however expand our scope to “Day Of” Wedding coordinators. We act as “concierge” to the couples, as we build our relationships with third-party vendors through vendor marketing.